When we’re that close to winning, I owe it to my players to go for it



Bills coach Sean McDermott isn’t backing off his controversial decision to go for it on fourth-and-1 on the Bills’ final offensive play of their loss to the Titans on Monday Night Football.

McDermott said that when the Bills had that good a chance to pick up a first down and then a game-winning touchdown, he felt like he had to show his players he believed in them by trying to win right then and there, rather than settling for a field goal to force overtime.

“We’re this far from winning the game,” McDermott said, holding his hands inches apart. “I owe it to my players. I believe in my players. I believe in my quarterback. I trust my guys. Obviously we didn’t get it done in this case, but I trust my players.”

Unfortunately for McDermott, the Titans’ defense stopped Allen for no gain on his quarterback sneak.

“Josh is usually spot on with those,” McDermott said. “Give them the credit for making the play. It felt, if we’re that far from potentially winning the game right there it was the best thing we could do. We hadn’t stopped them on defense for a number of drives there in the second half. Felt like we could go and win the game right there. Obviously, we didn’t get it done.”

Sean McDermott: When we’re that close to winning, I owe it to my players to go for it originally appeared on Pro Football Talk


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