Viral video in Lancaster sparks outrage




Internal Review After Unmasked Police Officers Filmed Removing Man From New York Subway

New York City Police Department said it was reviewing an incident involving a pair of unmasked police officers who were filmed pushing a man out of a subway station in New York City on October 19.This video by @toriahall shows two NYPD officers shoving the man through an emergency exit door at 8th Street station. The video does not show the confrontation that led up to the incident.According to a local news report, from the New York Daily News, the man seen in the video had asked the police officers “why don’t you just put on a mask?” before they forced him out of the station.According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority “masks are still required at indoor train stations and on board trains, buses, and paratransit vehicles” in New York.An NYPD spokesperson told Storyful the incident was under internal review. Credit: @toriahall via Storyful


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