Michael Cohen Slams ‘Stupid’ Mark Meadows On MSNBC



Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen tore into one-time White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on Saturday.

Cohen appeared on an airing of “MSNBC Reports” to discuss his new lawsuit levied against the former president. When the conversation pivoted to Meadows, the lawyer didn’t mince words.

“Hey stupid, you put out a book,” Cohen said in a rather direct address to Meadows. He added that because of Meadows’ tell-all memoir, “The Chief’s Chief,” Jan. 6 investigators “now have the right to ask you about things” regarding the insurrection.

Meadows is claiming executive privilege and refusing to cooperate with the House select committee on the Jan. 6 riot — after he wrote about details in his own book, and released thousands of pages of texts and emails and other documents linked to the upheaval.

Cohen’s critiques of Meadows didn’t end there. He also called the former Trump aide a “dope” and the “dumbest a-hole on the Hill.”

On Tuesday, the House voted to recommend criminal charges against Meadows for contempt of Congress.

Cohen, who was once regarded as Trump’s “fixer,” doesn’t appear to hold out any hope Trump will come to Meadows’ aid. “It’s always somebody else’s fault” as far as Trump is concerned, said Cohen.

He said everything he did was “at the direction of and for the benefit of my employer. I did it for the benefit of Donald J. Trump.”

Cohen finished out his three-year prison sentence, which mostly consisted of home confinement, last month. The 55-year-old had been convicted on a number of offenses, including lying to Congress and campaign finance violations.

Cohen said that, given the overwhelming number of texts and emails from people in Trump’s circle bared by Meadows, the big question is: “Who’s the next one to be thrown under the bus?”

Check out Cohen’s full interview in the video clip above. Fast forward to the 3:30 mark to hear his comments about Meadows.

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